Cheap workers offer in Italy

With this brochure, which was recently circulated and came to the knowledge of Italian trade Unions, an Italian construction firm advertises its offer of cheap workers.
Major breeches of workers' rights in Italian law are shamelessly advertised as competitive advantages.

These Romanian skilled and qualified workers (bricklayers, electricians, plumbers) work 10 hours a day, 26 days a month, Saturday included. After three months they have a free week.

"We control our workers relentlessy and apply organizational rules to avoid problems" states the brochure.

For each worker the firm request is 11€ per hour, includind travel expenses, accomodation and meals, which can be lowered to 10€ for more than 12 workers and to 9€ for mor than 24 workers.

"All the contract are signed with our firm in Romania" is finally clearly declared.

We don't know which part of the money arrives to the workers: what we know for sure is that the minimum salary for a qualified worker in Italy is 9,16€ per hour.



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