Eemshaven - The Netherlands: Romanian workers exploited

Forklift, a Romanian company, managed to ‘hire’ some 50 workers for almost nothing in 2012. The company had the workers pay for their own transportation to the Netherlands. Instead of the mandatory 12 eu/hr, the workers received only 4,20 eu/hr and worked a 50 hour week without overtime allowance. After the FNV reported this abuse to Franzen, the German contractor of Forklift and the Dutch Labourinspection, Forklift had a ‘creative solution’.
For Romanians to receive their salary in euros, the need a special bankaccount.Forklift was kind enough to open a bankaccounts for all their workers. And so their boss, Mr. Sekara, conveniently had access to the workers accounts. Sekara transferred money to his employees accounts –as prove of payment for the authorities – and could then take the money out as he pleased. In the end the workers received nothing more than a few advances. After months of little pay and less food, constantly under threath by their boss, a group stepped to the police and entered a protection program for victims of human-trafficking. The German contractor, Franzen, was forced to end the contract with Forklift, and Sekara has not been seen in Eemshaven since then.

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