Slave wages at a Swedish sawmill

Latvian workers have during five years worked at Levene Sawmills in Västergötland with wages of around SEK 20 (2.3 €) per hour .

Levene Sawmills, with about 20 blue-collar workers, runs alongside the sawmill also a business based on the renovation and sale of machinery. And it is in that part of the family business that Latvian workers were hired .

Hermansson family started the company in 1939 and his son, Tomas Hermansson , confirms that the company is a business partner with Latvian companies Ceko SIA and SIA Abolat.

During a number of years the Swedish trade union GS union has requested information about the employed workers. How many they have been, what tasks they have been doing, working hours, pay and conditions they have had etc? But this information has not been revealed by the company. According to the calculations of the web-site “stoppafusket”, based on SIA Abolats annual reports, the workers earned around twenty Swedish crowns per hour (2.3 €) when they worked in Sweden .

(source:, Research: Anna-Lena Norberg)

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