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I worked in the construction industry for 10 years as a sub contract dry-liner, thinking my job was safe for life. As the credit crunch set in I decided to thankfully leave the industry. Numerous years ago whist on site on a new build hospital in Manchester I witnessed 15 British subbies 'let go' on Friday. On the following Monday 15 Bulgarians walked on and took the British construction workers jobs. That particular contractor I worked for decided to enrol their English site managers on Polish language courses. Working on a hospital extension in Burnley I noticed a lot of foreign voices. Along with the Polish there were 12 Russians working for a gang master, all living in 1 house and being paid £30 a day each on 12 hour days. I really do feel for my old mates still struggling with their British overheads facing unemplyment trying to compete against cheap migratory workers. Of course migratory workers can be good for the construction industry if controlled to fill the empty spaces. But uncontrolled is exactly what it is, 'out of control'

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